The Farm at Sunnyside

Central to our mission is managing the farm not only for food production but also for native wildlife and beneficial services that come from a healthy ecosystem. We strive for conservation practices that benefit agriculture and vice versa. We try to grow WITH the land rather than just on the land; duplicating nature’s built-in systems as much as possible and minimizing or  eliminating entirely the spraying of pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Visit our Growing Practices page to learn more.


Organic Fruits & Vegetables Near Washington, DC

Located 70 miles west of Washington, D.C. in Rappahannock County, Virginia, The Farm At Sunnyside grows certified organic fruits and vegetables for sale locally. Land not in agricultural production is actively managed for biodiversity and beneficial ecosystem services.

Consumers can purchase our food at the Rappahannock Farmer’s Market at their new location outside the Headmaster’s Pub in Sperryville and at a small number of fine restaurants and stores. Visit our Where We Sell page for more information.

The Farm At Sunnyside blends sustainable agriculture with environmental protection. Our commitment to organic production means that our food as well as our soil and water are free of toxic chemical residues. We take additional actions to restore habitat for native wildlife, including the pollinators that help make it possible to grow a wide diversity of produce.

Our land is protected by a conservation easement ensuring that it will never be developed, and we are continuing to search for ways to reduce energy consumption and diminish our carbon footprint, such as installing solar panels at our farm center.



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In the video below, farm owner Nick Lapham and conservation manager Sam Quinn talk about the farm’s mission at a recent forum sponsored by College of the Atlantic in Maine.