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All of our fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs are certified organic under standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

What does this mean for you?

That the food you buy from us is free from synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers; none of our products are irradiated; we use no sewage sludge to fertilize our crops; we observe agricultural practices that build healthy and productive soils full of beneficial organisms, less prone to erosion and better at storing carbon; the water we use for irrigation and washing is clean and safe; and we are independently inspected each year to ensure our compliance with these and other regulations governing the production of organic food.

In short, the organic label guarantees you a high level of transparency and accountability in regard to how we grow our produce.  It underscores our commitment to providing healthy and nutritious food and to protecting and restoring our environment.

Beyond meeting the organic standard, we adhere to additional principles in our aim to be sustainable.  For example, we sell all of our food within 70 miles of the farm and are expanding efforts to make our fruits and vegetables available to those living closest to us.

We recognize that our produce may be more expensive than the food available in the supermarket.  Our prices incorporate the costs of growing organically, providing our staff the opportunity to earn a decent income, maintaining our facilities and equipment and otherwise striving to achieve sustainability.

We are deeply grateful for your patronage and hope to earn your continued trust and support.  Our goal is to offer the best tasting, highest quality food produced in a way that will make you as proud to eat it as we are to grow it.

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